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Aquatic Dreams Freshwater Custom Metal Wall Art
Aquatic Dreams Freshwater Custom Metal Wall Art
Aquatic Dreams Freshwater Custom Metal Wall Art

    Aquatic Dreams Freshwater Custom Metal Wall Art

    $119 $149 Save 20%

      Accent the beauty of your freshwater aquarium, pond, or outdoor water feature with our Aquatic Dreams Custom Metal Wall Art.


      • Precision cut using a fiber laser from 14 Gauge US carbon steel
      • Premium automotive grade powder coating with a variety of finishes
      • Real-time "design-your-own" customization app 
      • Designed to be backlit for a 3D illuminated effect
      • Optional rare-earth magnetic wall hanging kit
      • Securely packaged for damage-free shipping
      • Worldwide shipping
      • Hand made in Austin, TX
      • 100% Guarantee

      Designed By You, Made by Us

      With our unique design-to-order process, you can personalize your metal art with your choice of saltwater fish and coral from our aquatic library, and then enter your own personalized text.

      We then take your custom design and cut it out of high quality carbon steel with our state-of-the-art fiber laser, hand finish and then powder coat it with a variety of colors. 

      The result is a bespoke one-of-a-kind custom metal piece of art designed and personalized by you.

      Designed for Light

      Add depth and illuminate your artwork with our optional Dream Lights LED Kit add-on, our premium backlit LED lighting system.

      The magnetic wall hanging kit ensures easy mounting and enhances the backlit effect (not included, optional add-on). 

      Not just a mere metal sign—it’s an artistic celebration of your saltwater ecosystem, a unique addition to your space that echoes your aquatic passion.

      How to Create your own Design (For Mobile Users):
      Please watch the video in the preceding section for real-time instructions on how to use the customization app

      To order, first choose a size and finish, then press the "Personalize" button.

      The customization app will be displayed, allowing you to create your own design.

      MOBILE USERS: After each selection you must choose the > arrow to move to the next section.

      1. Choose whether you want one or two lines of text.
      2. Next, enter the text you wish to be displayed in the center of the design. (For two lines of text, enter the text for each line in the boxes provided)
      3. Choose the fish for the top of the design from the choices available.
      4. Choose the fish or aquatic animals for the lower right part of the design from the choices available.
      5. Then, choose the fish or aquatic animals for the lower left part of the design from the choices available.
      6. When finished, select "Add to Cart"

      Add the lighting kit and magnetic wall handing kit from the options below the cart or on cart popup to complete your metal art package.

      Please Insert any custom colors or custom requirements in the cart notes if you have chosen a "custom finish" .

      Checkout and we will get to work on your custom hand made piece of aquatic metal art!

      Due to the custom nature of these products which are made by hand, and the large demand we currently have for these, it can take between 7-14 days to produce before shipping.

      Custom finishes such as multi-stage powder coating, UV reactive coatings, and custom painting can add an extra 3-4 days to the production process as well.

      We strive to get all customer orders out as quickly as possible but take pride in creating hand made works of art- so please be patient, it will be worth it!